Some Kool Resources for Client Side Technologies

1) Dmitriy Navrotskyy’s Repositories

2) Learning Javascript & You Don’t Know JS

N.B.-> Callback Me Maybe : Contemporary Javascript, Pro Single Page Application Development (Chapter 2 and 3 are real good Object Oriented Javascript refresher), Learning Javascript Design Patterns, OOP in JS, Object Oriented JavaScript: Only Two Techniques Matter, Mozilla Developer Network’s Javascript Tutorials, JQuery Learning Centre, JQuery Validations, DoFactory Javascript Tutorial, DoFactory Javascript & JQuery Patterns, Do GET, POST, PUT, DELETE in MVC with Jquery ajax, What is the best way to design a HTTP request when somewhat complex parameters are needed?, Passing multiple or complex parameters to a GET handlerWhat to Read to Get Up to Speed in JavaScript, The Essential List of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML & CSS Books to Make You a Better Web Developer, The Big List of Javascript, CSS and HTML Development Tools, Libraries, Projects and Books, Responsive Web Design

3) Front End Architecture – Front-End Architecture, Programming JavaScript Applications, JavaScript Architecture for the 23rd Century, JavaScript Application Architecture On The Road To 2015, Boilerplate.js, A Few jQuery Plugin Patterns , How Do You Structure JavaScript? The Module Pattern Edition ( JavaScript Module Pattern: In-Depth) and Technical Details to be considered for a Web App before making the site public

4) Microformats (wiki)

5) My Web Site is so slow… And I don’t know what to do about it!

N.B. -> Building high-performance ASP.NET applications

6) Desktop Development using Javascript

7) Parallel.js – Parallel Computing with Javascript

8) Script Junkie Articles

9) linq.js – LINQ for JavaScript and The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript

10) Cross Origin Resource Sharing

N.B. -> Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, Same Origin Policy, Enable CORS, Enable CORS MVC 5, Enabling Cross-Origin Requests in ASP.NET Web API 2, window.opener cross domain call, window.opener cross domain call using javascript, Passing Data from Parent Window of One domain to Child window of another domian, CORS is not just for XHR, So you’re thinking of tracking your JS errors, Using CORS, IE8 and CORS and Manage CORS policy dynamically

11) Online Formatters – JSON Editor Online and Online XML Formatter

12) eval() isn’t evil, just misunderstood

13) JQuery getScript() calling anonymous function, Convert form data to JS object with jQuery, Serialize form data to json with jquery, Sending complex JSON objects to MVC using jQuery Ajax, Multiple Simultaneous Ajax Requests (with one callback) in jQuery and How to know whether HTML has fully rendered or not

14) JQuery Plugins –

a) jqGrid (Using JqGrid in ASP.NET)

b) 5 Top jQuery Chart Libraries for Interactive Charts

c) jQuery TreeView plugins

d) 50 Amazing jQuery Plugins That You Should Start Using Right Now

P.S. ->jquery loading image while elements loads, start & stop / pause setInterval with javascript, jQuery, Handle asynchronous non-blocking IO in JavaScript, Multiple Simultaneous Ajax Requests, Bidirectional Pages using HTML, Passing .NET Server-Side Data to JavaScript, Javascript Bibliography, UX/UI Bibliography, Web Design Bibliography, Android Development Bibliography ,Learning JQuery, You might not need JQuery, QUnit, SelectBoxIt and Uniform JS

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