Myself Sandip. Just a pawn in the game of Software Development.

Although for sometime I will be providing only links in this blog but these links might turn out to be quite valuable(some of them you might have already read somewhere while some may turn out to be gems in your collection of knowledge). I could have written some article on all the topics but I myself have COMPLETELY read or understood the information related to very few of the links.Currently, the truth of the fact is that there are very few real articles written by me else everything is some useful resource(at least useful in my eyes – I may be totally wrong) .

I also have interest in Vedic Astrology and once started collecting some good resources from the net that resulted in the Vedic Astrology Blog. So should one believe in Astrology(Vedic or Western or any other form) – there can be a long running debate process around this since it’s a matter of choice and perspectives.You believe in something which solves your problems or something which develops curiosity in you or something which makes you happy or something which gives you a lifetime lesson etc. and in my case, Vedic Astrology have solved some problems which ultimately developed some curiosity in me and that’s where it all started.I have no plans in making someone believe in any form of Astrology since “What You Believe is True” but if anyone is out there who have been through some similar experience like me and interested in learning Vedic Astrology then one can go through the Vedic Astrology Blog which have some good resources known to me.

P.S. -> Most important reason why I have this blog -> I am a very dull person and having very poor memory and so want to have a handy and ready access to stuffs which I might forget :). But always keep in mind – “The more you know, the more you come to know, how less you know”.


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