Kool Resources for Intelligent Web(Applying Artificial Intelligence to Web)

1) Collective Intelligence in Action

2) Algorithms of the Intelligent Web

3) Programming Collective Intelligence

4) Mining of Massive Datasets

5) Mining the Social Web

6) Enterprise Search in Action

N.B. -> Enterprise Search Blog and BlueCurve Enterprise Search

7) Search Patterns : Design for Discovery

8) Lucene in Action

9) Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers and Efficient Learning Machines

N.B. -> IIT Bombay’s Pattern Recognition Course, Machine Learning in Action, Mahout in ActionMachine Learning for .NET , Best Machine Learning Resources for Getting Started, Accelerate Your Machine Learning Journey and Resources for working with Machine Learning in F#

10) Natural Language Processing with Python and Taming Text

N.B. -> Pearson Higher Education Natural Language Processing, iText in Action and Webified iTextSharp Examples

N.B. -> Conference  and Technical Papers of Centre For Research on Bangla Language Processing, A Complete Bangla OCR System for Printed Chracters, A Complete Workflow for Development of Bangla OCR, Tesseract OCR, Integrating Bangla script recognition support in tesseract OCR,Bangla OCR Papers.

11) Tika in Action

12) Building Search Applications : Lucene,LingPipe and GATE

13) Scripting Intelligence – Very good overall discussion of some AI topics including Semantic Web which is actually Web 3.0(Applying Knowledge Representation to Web).For an initial ground up of Semantic Web you can go through wiki. Other good resources on Semantic Web are A Semantic Web Primer, Programming the Semantic Web and Explorer’s Guide to the Semantic Web.

N.B. -> Prolog for .NET Developers and Prolog.NET

14) Professional Microsoft Search: FAST Search, SharePoint Search, and Search Server

15) Programming Computer Vision with PythonAlgorithms For Image Processing and Computer Vision, Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision and Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications

N.B.-> Computer Graphics ResourcesComputer Vision and the Web,Web Vision 2012 Schedule , Computer Vision MetricsRobotics Resources,Software Agents, Agent Systems and their Applications and Developing Intelligent Agent Systems: A Practical Guide

16) Introduction to Computational Advertising

17) How Do I become a Data Scientist, How to become a data scientist in 8 easy steps: the infographic, 8 Skills You Need to Be a Data Scientist, Becoming a Data Scientist – Curriculum via Metromap, How to Get Started in Data Science, 4 easy steps to becoming a data scientist

18) Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 vs Web 4.0 vs Web 5.0

P.S. -> Awesome “Artificial Intelligence” resources in general –

a) Artificial Intelligence

b) AI for Humans (Github Source)

c) Clever Algorithms

d) AI Topics.


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