Kool Architectural Resources and Sample Apps(mostly in .NET)

1) Domain Driven Design –

a)Resources –

i) Introduction to DDD

ii) Domain Driven Design – Clear your Concepts before you start

iii) Domain Driven Design and Development In Practice

iv) Learning DDD

v) .NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: Problem – Design – Solution

vi) Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET 

vii) Implementing Domain Driven Design

viii) Domain Driven Design in Action

ix) Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

N.B. -> Domain Languagre/DDD

x) Yves Goeleven’s DDD Articles

xi) Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects

xii) Naked Objects

xii) Domain Driven Design N-Layered .NET 4.0 Architecture Guide

b) Apps –

i) SmartCA

ii) Yves Goeleven’s DDD Series –



iii) NDDDSample

iv) AutoNLayered Domain Oriented N-Layer .NET App 

v) CodeCampServer

vi) DotObjects – .NET Naked Objects Framework

vii) Naked Objects Project

viii) Generic Unit of Work & Repositories Framework

2) CQRS(Command Query Responsibility segregation) and Event Sourcing –

a) Resources –

i) Clarified CQRS

ii) CQRS, Task Based UIs, Event Sourcing agh!

iii) CQRS, not just for server systems

iv) Asynchronous System Architecture for the Web

v) CQRS on Windows Azure

vi) Ncqrs Architecture , Building a simple website using Ncqrs and Ncqrs – NServiceBus integration how-to

vii) Event Sourcing article by Martin Fowler

viii) Event Sourcing explained by Rinat Abdullin

ix) LMAX Architecture

N.B.-> How does LMAX’s Disruptor Pattern workLMAX Disruptor, Dissecting the Disruptor: What’s so special about a ring buffer?, The LMAX disruptor and Baker’s Treadmill, Disrupter.NET|ELEKS Labs  and Circular Buffer for .NET

x)  Event Centric – Finding Simplicity in Complex Systems

xi) Lokad-CQRS Documentation

xii) CQRS explained by Martin Fowler

xiii) CQRS Articles

xiv) Why I love CQRS, Why I Still love CQRS and Why I love NServiceBus by Jonathan Oliver

xv) Event Sourcing by CQRS wikiDOT

xvi) Professional Distributed Domain Driven Design

xvii) CQRS Journey

xviii) Pro CQRS and Event Sourcing

xix) Probably the most powerful CQRS/Event Sourcing platform in .NET

b) Apps –

i) Alexandria – App Walk-through  and  Code

ii) Documently – Domain Driven Design with CQRS, Event Sourcing, MassTransit, RavenDB, RabbitMQ and C# and F#

iii) Lokad-CQRS

iv) CQRS Series from Mark Nijhof

v) MyShop DDDD Sample and Ncqrs Framework

vi) Java based Apps – Axon Framework and Jdon Framework

P.S. -> Although CQRS is mainly used to build Asynchronous Systems but can be build to implement Synchronous Systems as well as shown here.Also SigNalR seems to be a nice amalgam for CQRS as shown here

3) Composite Oriented Programming –

a) Resources

b) Apps

4) WCF(Winows Communication Foundation) SOAP and REST

a) Resources –

* SOA –

i) Do more with SOA Integration

ii) SOA with .NET and Wndows Azure

iii) SOA Patterns

iv) Practical SOA for the Solution Architect

v) Practical SOA Governance, SOA Governance using Microsoft + SOA Software and Gartner Report : Evaluating IBM Microsoft, Oracle and SAP commitment to SOA Governance

vi) Next Generation SOA: A Real-World Guide to Modern Service-Oriented Computing

N.B. -> SOA wiki , SOA in the Real World , Service Oriented Architecture and WCF ,IT Governance Bibliography ,What is an ESB?, ESB Sample Applications

  • WCF Implementation Specifics

i) Pro WCF 4 : Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation

ii) Learning WCF

iii) Programming WCF Services

iv) WCF Extensibility –Introduction to Extensibility, WCF Extensibility Guidance, Understanding WCF Extensibility, Choosing the right extensibility point, WCF Extensibility Series and Creating WCF Service Extensibility through MEF

N.B. ->Inside WCF, WCF Tutorials, Method Overloading in WCFLogging and Tracing WCF Soap Messages, WCF Sessions – Brief IntroductionWCF Concurrency, WCF Transactions, WCF service may scale up slowly under load,Creating Dynamic Proxy using WCF ChannelFactory, WCF Spike FaultContract, FaultException and Validation,Creating A Global Error Handler In WCF, WCF LOB Adapter SDK, From .NET Remoting to WCF, WCF Comparison with Web Services and .NET Remoting, WCF vs Remoting, 3 Ways to generate proxy for WCF Service, When to use DataContract and DataMember attributes?, WCF – This could be due to the service endpoint binding not using the HTTP protocol and Simple Steps to Enable Tracing in WCF

  • REST in general –

i) SOA with REST

ii) REST in Practice

iii) The Richardson Maturity Model for REST

  • REST using WCF –

i) A Guide to Designing and Building RESTful Web Services with WCF 3.5

ii) REST in WCF

b)  Apps –

i) WCF Samples

ii) .NET Stock Trader

iii) LitWare Training

iv) ServiceWare Downloads from IDesign

5) CLoud,SaaS,PaaS …

a) Resources – Multi-tenancyBuilding real-world cloud apps with Windows Azure , Windows Azure Guidance, Windows Azure Features, Windows Azure ScenariosWindows Azure White Papers , Software + Services , AzureCAT GuidanceCloud White Papers from Cumulux  , Cloud Development Resources from Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices Team ,Cloud Bibliography, Introducing SaasKit – Multi-tenancy made easy

N.B. -> Building an IaaS cloud using Windows Server 8

b) Apps –

i) Lokad-Cloud

ii) Bidnow Sample

N.B. -> Rinat Abdullin’s views on Bidnow sample

iii) .NET PaaS Options

iv) SaaS Ecom, Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET MVC and C# SaaS Starter Kit and SocioBoard

v) Codeplex Sample SaaS Projects

6) WWF(Windows Workflow Foundation)-

i) A Developer’s Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation(WF) in .NET 4

ii) WF Books

iii) WF4 and Parallel Extensions

N.B. -> WF4, Parallelism and Threading and WF4 Asynchronous Workflows

iv) Building an Enterprise Workflow System using WF4

N.B-> Workflow Service Host Internals , How to make use of WorkflowControlClient to control workflows in a workflow service , Managing workflows with WorkflowControlClient , Exceptions, Transactions, and CompensationHosting Dynamic Workflows (MSADC.Workflow) ,  Workflow Services , Scalable, Long-Running Workflows with Windows Server AppFabric , Calling a workflow service operation multiple times, Workflow Service Versioning, WF4 Timer using ActivityAction, WF4 Durable Delay and  Neovolve Project

P.S. -> In case of Workflow Services, if you truly want to invoke some WF Service in fire and forget mode(IsOneWay = true) then remove the Send activity(but the Receive activity is needed) and also remove any Correlation Initializer applied on the Receive activity.If you want to invoke some long running workflow service in a truly fire and forget approach then please go for Hosting a non-service workflow approach(using Bookmarks) rather than the Workflow Service way.If you go by the Workflow Service way, it’s almost impossible to attain true IsOneWay functionality since the WF Service way requires that CorrelationInitializers be set for Long Running Processes and as mentioned earlier, IsOneWay is not going to work at all by any means if the Recieve activity is having some CorrelationInitializer specified.Also again, by the WF Service way, even if you need to implement only Request-Reply Message Exchange Pattern,you will have to have as many Service Contracts as the number of integration points e.g some UI integration point,Asynchronous MQ based integration points, Synchronous Integration points etc.Now, bcoz of some weird reason if the same integration point needs to be interacted twice or more than that from within the same WF Service then the corresponding Service Contract needs to to be modified to have 2 or more operation contracts or else we need to have 2 or more such Service Contracts.Handling such a number of Service Contracts at client side may lead you to a maintenance nightmare and so it’s clearly a design smell.

v) WF4 and Dependency Injection

N.B -> Custom WF4 Activity for Dependency Resolution and Unity.WF

vi) WorkflowEngine.NET + HTML5,BPM.NET and K2.NET (How to learn K2.NET and K2.NET Workflows)

N.B. -> Overview Of a BPM Scenario

vii) WF4 Versioning : Planning for Change

N.B. -> BusinessProcess Versioning – Updating Running Business Processes

viii) WF4 in Windows Azure

ix) Using Windows Workflow Foundation

N.B. -> Windows Workflow Foundation Programming

x) Using WF4 as a Business Rule Engine

xi) How To Use the Windows Workflow Rules Engine By Itself and Using Workflow Rules to Iterate and Remove Items From a Collection

N.B. -> Programming with the Microsoft Business Rules Framework, Rule Engine, Policy Activity in .NET Framework 4, External Ruleset Toolkit , Open Source Rule Engines in C#(Getting Started with Drools.NET) and Developing with the Microsoft Business Rule Engine

xi) WF4 Re-Hosting Examples and WF Designer Express

N.B. -> A dynamic Rehosted Workflow Designer for WF 4,Hosting the Workflow Designer is so much easier in .NET4 – a boon for the ISV community!, Workflow Foundation (WF4) – Rehosting The Workflow Designer

xii) Custom IfThen activity

xiii) WebAPIWorkflow


xv) Difference between Orchestration and Choreography(Sometimes there may be a need to develop custom UI for Orchestration or Choreography which may not be provided by the WF Designer Rehosting or any UI from well known BPM vendors).

7) NoSQL DBs –

a) Resources –

i) NoSQL in the Enterprise

ii) Working with NoSQL DBs

iii) Understanding NoSQL Technologies on Windows Azure

iv) 10 Must-Read Books On NoSQL Architecture

v) InfoQ NoSQL Books

vi)  Big Data

N.B. -> Microsoft Enterprise Data and Insights, Big Data Bibliography, Big Data Rx BibliographyBig Data Application Architecture Q&A , Database Technology For Large Scale Data , Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight, HDInsight Succinctly, HDInsight Essentials, Pro Microsoft HDInsight, HDInsight Server

Analytics Books Recommendations – 8 must read books for people interested in Analytics and Books on Analytics

Big Data Analytics @ ThoughtWorks (Thinking about Big Data by Martin Fowler)

b) Apps –

i) StoRoom (Key – Value Store)

ii) RavenDB (Document DB)

iii) LucandraNET (Column Family DB)

N.B. -> WTF is a Supercolumn? (Modelling data using Cassandra DB)

iv) Neo4NET (Graph DB)

N.B. ->

1) Neo4j – A graph Database that kicks Buttox

2) Social Networks in the Database : using a Graph Database

v) Sterling NoSQL Object Oriented DB

vi) CloudGraph

vii) BrightStarDB

8) Complex Event Processing –

a) Complex Event Processing – Wiki

b) CEP in Practice

N.B. – > Stream Processing in C# with Events, Lambdas, DataTables, and StopWatches

c) Esper – Complex Event Processing(CEP) and Event Stream Processing(ESP) Framework

d) Complex Event Processing With StreamInsight

N.B. ->Getting Started with StreamInsight 2.1, MSDN StreamInsight Page and Complex Event Processing – a Technical Reference Guide for Designing Mission-Critical Middleware Solutions

e) Complex Event Processing – A technology Evaluation Stack

f) Using SignalR To Push StreamInsight Events to Client Browsers 

N.B. -> StreamInsight.SignalR

9) Software Security – 

a) 24 Deadly Sins of Software Security

b) Hacking Exposed 7

c) A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control

d) Improving Web Services Security: Scenarios and Implementation Guidance for WCF (An easy way to use certificates for WCF security)

e) Computer and Network Security, Introduction to Cryptography and Data Mining for Cyber Security

f) Unauthorised Access: Physical Penetration Testing For IT Security Teams


a) How Encryption Works, Explaining public-key cryptography to non-geeks and Public Key Cryptography

b) Understanding Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) 4.5, Official MSDN Page, WIF and OpenSSO and Fedlet

c) Attribute based Access Control and Fine-grained access control using XACML in C# applications and the .Net framework

d) Working with Digital Certificates in .NET

10) An awesome UML resource – UML 2.0 in Action – A project based tutorial

N.B. -> Visual Paradigm Tutorials, Professional UML using Visual Studio.NETEnterprise Development with Visual Studio.NET,UML and MSF, Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guide , Software Architecture for Developers , Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond,Swim Lane, BPMN 2.0 TutorialBPMN Method and Style,BPMN using Visio,Archimate and Enterprise Architect

11) Technical Reference Guides for designing Mission-Critical Solutions

12) Microsoft’s Enterprise Architecture

N.B. -> Microsoft Enterprise

13) Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices RoadMap

P.S. -> Awesome Architectural Resources in general –

a) What to Use on the Microsoft Stack

N.B. -> Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform (Second Edition), .NET in general and .NET Foundation

b) Microsoft Application Architecture Guide

c) Enterprise Architect vs Solution Architect

d) CodeProject Architecture and Design Articles

e) Spring.NET Application Framework

f) The Architecture Journal

g) Web 2.0 Architectures

h) Developing Large Web Applications

i) WhitePapers by David Chappell

j) Simple : .Net Business Application Framework inspired by Ruby on Rails

k) Awesome Automated Trading Architectures – Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform and Modulus Trading Platform

N.B.-> Low-Latency High-Performant Financial App Infrastructures

l) Open Source Projects – Layered Architecture Sample for .NET, Microsoft Open Technologies, Microsoft Open Source, C# Open Source Projects and Codeplex Sample Architecture Projects

N.B. ->  GIS(Geographical Information System) appsList of geographic information systems softwareMapWindowCodePlex Projects and Open Source Geospacial Software in C#

Nuget and Nuget Must Haves

m) Microservices in a Nutshell

N.B. -> MiniBuss – A Micro Service Bus On MSMQ, Merging Microservices Architecture with SOA PracticesSOA based Open Source E-Commerce System

n) All Time Favourites Highly Scalable Architectures

o) Agility and Estimation – Becoming Agile , Project Estimation with Use Case Points and Using function point to quote a software

p) Ashwini’s Technet Architecture Articles

q) Embracing Semantic Logging

l) A Software Developer’s Reading List

m) Building Next Generation Businesses

n) The Open Group

o) Software Defined Architecture

q) MSDN Magazine Issues

r) Microsoft Press Free Ebooks

s) Microsoft Industry Reference Architectures – Banking, Capital Markets,Insurance, Oil and Gas, Discrete Manufacturing, Media and Cable, Smart Energy, Retail, IoT(Internet Of Things), Desktop Hosting, Cloud Services, Private Cloud


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