“Build your own X Series” in .NET

1) Build your own LINQ Provider series

Another Approach to build a custom LINQ provider

N.B. -> How to implement IQueryable, Implementing a custom LINQ provider, 101 LINQ Samples in C#, LINQPad , Why Enumerable.Except() Might Not Work the Way You Might ExpectDynamic Query with LINQ for Selection Criteria , LINQ to Entities: Combining Predicates , Specification Pattern, Entity Framework & LINQ and LinqSpecs

2) Build your own CAB(Composite Application Block) Series

3) Build your own IoC(Inversion of Control)/DI(Dependency Injection) Container

N.B. -> Dependency Injection in .NET and Funq: a fast DI container you can understand (a very fast DI container constructed using Functional Programming concepts  without any usage of reflection)

4) Build your own AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming) Framework

N.B. -> Kool AOP resources –

a) Unity – Aspect Oriented Programming

N.B. -> Interception and Interception Using Unity

b) Aspect Oriented Programming with C# and .NET

N.B. -> AspectF Fluent Way to Add Aspects for Cleaner

c) AOP in .NET with PostSharp

d) DynamicAspect

e) Add Aspects to Object Using Dynamic Decorator

f) Intercepting Asynchronous Methods Using Unity Interception

5) Build your own JS Library

6) Build your own Peer to Peer ASP.NET State Server

N.B.-> Peer to Peer Programming with WCF and .NET Framework 3.5

7) Build your own ASP.NET Comet

N.B. -> Other kool ASP.NET related projects can be found at ASP.NET Open Source Gallery

8) Build your own Unit Testing Framework

9) Build your own BDD Testing Framework

10) Build your own Distributed Cache

11) Build your own Message Queue

N.B. -> IBM WebSphere MQ commands and Interfacing with IBM Websphere MQ from .NET

12) Build your own Service Bus and Implementing your own Service Bus

N.B. -> NServiceBus, Rhino Service-Bus and Shuttle-ESB

13) Build your own Bloom Filter

N.B. -> The Bloom Filter

14) Building Memoization in C#

15) How To Get started building a Web Browser

16) Building an Artificially Intelligent Chess Engine


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