University Courses related to building a custom(public\private\hybrid) Cloud Computing Environment

1) Computer Systems Engineering

N.B.-> Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective and Cache Friendly Code

2) Networking

a) Computer Networking : A Top Down Approach

b) Data Networks

c) Network Protocol Designing

N.B. -> Networking Bibliography. And by the way, HTTP/2 is on it’s way to hit the network traffic big time.

3) Multicore Programming

4) Distributed/Cluster Computing

a) Distributed Systems

b) Distributed Computing

c) Distributed Computer Systems Engg

d) Distributed Algorithms – Wiki and MIT OpenCourseWare

N.B-> What are some good resources for learning about distributed computing? Why?. Also IIT Bombay’s Distributed Computing courses viz. Distributed Systems, Distributed Event Based Systems and Advanced Distributed Systems – Engineering a Cloud seems quite promising.

5) Operating System

a) Introduction to Operating Systems

b) Advanced Operating Systems

N.B. -> Best Operating System References, Windows SysInternals Learning Resources , Cosmos – C# Open Source Managed Operating Systems , MOSA-Managed Operating System Alliance  and Singularity Project

6) Database Systems

a) Database Systems Principles

b) Advanced Database Systems

7) The Semantic Web,Ontologies and Cloud Databases

P.S. -> If one wants to have an introductory knowledge of most of the breadths of Computer Science, then he/she can refer – Invitation to Computer Science


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