Cluster/Distributed/Parallel/BigData Computing Frameworks

1) Cluster Computing Basics

2) Cluster/Distributed/Parallel/BigData Computing Framework from Microsoft Research

Dryad – Details and Youtube Video

DryadLINQ – Details and Scientific Computing Samples using DryadLINQ

Micosoft Scope Project

3) Cluster/Distributed/Parallel/BigData Computing Framework from Google

Analyzing some ‘Big’ Data Using C#, Azure And Apache Hadoop – A Stack Overflow .NET Namespace Popularity Finder

A Quick introduction to Hadoop Hive on Azure and Querying Hive using LINQ in C#

HDInsight, Writing Hadoop Map Reduce Jobs In C# And Querying Results Back Using LINQ

To Hadoop or Not to Hadoop

Naiad | Big Data on SVC

Microsoft Cosmos – Could Cosmos be Microsoft’s next commercial big-data service?, Microsoft’s Cosmos Service and Microsoft Cosmos at HPTS

MapReduce – Details and Youtube Video

N.B. -> Map-Reduce for Machine Learning on Multicore

MapReduce Implementations –

a) .NET based Implementation – MySpace Qizmt

b) Java based Implementation – Apache Hadoop

N.B. – Hadoop is having lot of Sister Projects(which are generally required in massively large-scale data projects) other than the MapReduce stuff. Also both DryadLINQ and MapReduce can be applied to MIT’s Applied Parallel Computing Course topics.

N.B. -> Hadoop SDK and Tutorials for Microsoft .NET Developers

P.S. -> Zyan Distributed Communication Framework,The importance of Software Architecture in Big Data Systems and Virtualization and Cloud Computing


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